John Harriel



Diversity Manager/Superintendent, Morrow-Meadows

Morrow-Meadows is proud to recognize John Harriel as one who never stops caring about others.  In recognition for his 20 years of leadership and outstanding outreach efforts, John has been promoted to Diversity Manager/Superintendent.  In addition to being one of their hardest working Superintendents, Big John, as he is fondly called, works tirelessly in the Los Angeles community with at risk and proven risk individuals who seek a new direction in their lives through the construction trades.

In his new role with Morrow Meadows, John will implement company wide training and development programs for their employees, visit projects and meet with employees to share the company vision and identify paths forward for improved career opportunities.  John serves as their corporate liaison with customers, employees and the community regarding their outreach and diversity initiatives. John assists their customers, employees and the community with proven methods for educating and developing pathways for individuals in under served communities with the Local Unions and Apprenticeship programs.

John has been an inspiration to many through his work with the 2nd Call Organization, Big John Kares, the City of Los Angeles and IBEW Local 11. Morrow Meadows is extremely proud to support John in his efforts with 2nd Call.

Please take a moment to learn more about how John and 2nd Call are making great strides in the community and thanking John for being such a positive role model for those in need of a second chance.  Thank you to the State Building and Construction Trades Council for this terrific video.