Cathy Orquiola

Cathy Orquiola.jpeg



District Manager | PCL Construction Services

As district manager for PCL Construction's thriving $1 billion Los Angeles district, Cathy only knows one mode: Go. A self-proclaimed ultimate competitor, she is determined to achieve success – for her people, her firm, and her clients. Whether constructing a building or leading a district, Cathy recognizes that people are the key distinguishing factors in every accomplishment. As such, she not only sees her position as a builder of structures, but primarily as a builder of people – a role she has honed throughout her career.

Cathy's career traverses 22 years in the construction industry, beginning in the field as a project engineer and rising through the ranks to become vice president and operations manager for an international construction firm. Throughout, she has led operations and office teams to find the best way – whether building a ground up casino in nine months or driving a culture of innovation that actively embraces new technology and Lean practices.

A strong sense of competition and desire to consistently overcome every obstacle was instilled the moment Cathy was born. The youngest of five siblings, Cathy's deepest foundations are rooted in finding the best and most effective path to realizing goals. Further emphasized through her experience as a semi-pro athlete, Cathy's confidence, personal drive, and deep conviction of team only fuels her fire to motivate others and win. Leading by example, Cathy is a natural collaborator who operates under the core principles of integrity, authenticity, and accountability. Throughout her career her laser focus to achieve has guided her to construct everything the best possible way – first buildings and now an organization of people.