NAWIC Incoming Board Retreat, August 2016

The writings on these giant post-its may not look like much, but after 12 intense hours of strategic planning, the NAWIC LA incoming board has a plan for the upcoming 2016-2017 year.

From our current presence on social media and online to identifying subjects that women across the construction industry would be interested in, it was definitely an intense and unforgettable experience. After identifying our current realities and desired outcomes, our 7-member incoming board had a lot to say and a lot to contribute about how and why we should try hard to empower our current chapter.

This year is very special to our local chapter as we celebrate 55 years in Los Angeles. We've identified the 2016-2017 year motto as "Stronger Together." Enhancing the success of women in the construction industry, we believe that when we create a universal platform where women from various careers in construction are able to come together, integrating our technical abilities and our experiences, we're all able to contribute in unique ways. Here, we're working together to be stronger.

Needless to say, you are reading this entry as a result of our very successful board meeting and encourage you to continue to visit us.


Block Kids, February 2016

Each year, the NAWIC Education Foundation holds a contest designed to promote interest in future careers in the Construction Industry, as well as familiarize children with the construction process in a positive manner. Our goal is to make Elementary School children aware of the Construction Industry by providing them with a chance to use their Imagination, creativity, and knowledge to build something today and possibly something for the future.

The 26TH Annual Block Kids Building Program was held on Monday, February 22, 2016 at he Open Magnet Charter School in Inglewood, CA. NAWIC Los Angeles worked with companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Johnson Controls, Hensel Phelps and PCL Construction to promote the field of construction to youth as a career path.

25 3rd and 4th graders particuated where they got an hour to build a "construction related" project from the kit received. The kit was comprised of aluminum foil, thread, and 50 pieces of lego's.

Construction experts spoke with each student about their build and picked the top three winners, 3 girls.