57th Annual Installation & Scholarship Ceremony: Recap

October, 24, 2018, 6PM, The LA Hotel Downtown – NAWIC Los Angeles #42 had the great opportunity of thanking the outgoing officers and directors for their efforts and a job well done and welcomed the new leadership team to their roles and responsibilities.

Marilyn Klinger enthusiastically led the installation of the new officers and directors of the chapter.  A former NAWIC LA leader herself, Marilyn focused on the word “key”, sharing that in olden times, the Keeper of the Keys was a high and trusted officer in the royal court and it signified much favor, much authority, and much responsibility.  Keys are important in our lives and can cause a great deal of trouble when they are missing. They have also opened doors to happiness, friendships and service.

For the Directors - LAKEISHA BEARDEN, JACKIE RIVERA, CHRISTINA WATKINS, DR. GIOVANNA BRASFIELD, and SHAYLA SMITH – their keys were to unlock the responsibility for the execution of the authorized policies of this chapter. Their key is symbolic of the vigilance and alertness you will maintain throughout the coming year. 

For Secretary – BARBARA KOTSOS – hers was the key to information.  Her key symbolizes that she will keep fresh and new the records of the chapter’s activities and likewise symbolic of the record of the golden deeds she is to keep.

For Treasurer – NANCY LIRA – her key was symbolic of NAWIC LA’s confidence in her integrity and trustworthiness.  Charged with the responsibility of handling the finances of the chapter, her key is a symbol of truth and honesty.

For Vice President – PRISCILLA CHAVEZ – it was a skeleton key, something to be held in readiness when the president is unable to turn the locks herself.  Her key is symbolic of fidelity.

For President – SHILO LOSINO – it was the Master Key because it will be depended upon in all instances, not only for the duties of the presidency, but to see that all of the officers and directors keep their keys in readiness and well used. Read Shilo’s Message here.

We asked the guests to tell us how they felt that evening, and this is what they told us.

We asked the guests to tell us how they felt that evening, and this is what they told us.

Since 1961, NAWIC Los Angeles has always been about promoting and supporting the advancement and employment of women in construction.

Professional Development

Lakeisha Bearden, NAWIC LA’s chair for professional development committee, was proud to announce that the group have in some capacity impacted, changed, and or influenced about 885 women in the past 12 months alone.  The number affirms the value of women and our membership see in the professional development arm of the chapter.  At our events, there is no judgement, no competition – just growth and development opportunity personally and professionally.  It’s about reinvesting, reinventing and reshaping you.

STEM Scholarship

2017 was the first year that the chapter awarded scholarships directly.  In prior years, nominal amounts were sent to the national fund to support the overall effort.  The leadership of the chapter felt that the money should make it to our own community.  So, Priscilla Chavez headed the processes of fundraising and awarding scholarships locally. The chapter pressed on this path with Christina Watkins and Shilo Losino charged with the 2018 Scholarships.

Reading through the scholarships essays, you can see the lives of the young women that the chapter can help.  Many of these young ladies are first generation college students in their respective families.  They are women of color.

NAWIC LA’s scholarship committee was able to tap into a wider network of schools and community programs, doubling the number of applicants.The generosity of our members and donors made it possible for the chapter to double the funds.This also allowed us to contribute to WINTER (Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles) and to DIY Girls for K-8 STEM advancement.



NAWIC LA’s goals has always been to get the word out and generate interest for our cause.  We have seen a spike in attendance, over 50% more from last year’s and are encouraged by the engagement of our activities and posts.  We have also developed media contacts where relevant press releases are share shared.  NAWIC LA has been featured in StrXur, the editorial arm of BlueBeam and La Opinion, a local Spanish newspaper.

NAWIC Los Angles #42 remains a safe place to share their experiences with their peers and colleagues without judgement.  We are challenging the status quo and bringing girls, young ladies and women in these incredible STEM fields where they can affect change for the future.  We encourage you to get involved, as a volunteer, sponsor or simply spreading the cause to your network.

For #womeninconstruction, it is easy to feel like you are an island by yourself.In 2019, NAWIC LA’s goal is to reach over 1,000 women and build value on their career.Plug into our energy as you become the power in your own success.

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