Our Featured Members

Congratulations on your bravery, your achievements, and for accepting the honored role of NAWIC LA “Featured Member.” This is a space for you to share a bird’s-eye-view of YOU. Let our audience know what you are most proud of, in terms of professional and personal accomplishments, skills, leadership thoughts and other ideas worth spreading.

Did you design a time-saving new process? Did you climb Mount Kilimanjaro?  Have you overcome a very serious disease? Mentored a young superstar? Toilet train three sons? Let us know. Be creative -- you are not submitting a résumé.

Oh, about your photo: Let’s keep it professional, shall we? Selfies were so 2013 and we suggest you don’t take one for this page.)  A nice head shot of you smiling is what we’d like most to see, in color, and sharp focus. (We may ask for another photo if it does not pass our editor’s criteria.) 

We need to make clear that we reserve the right to edit your bio for syntax and brevity. Content about religion, sex, political inclination, terrorism, bigotry and anything hateful have no place in this space. We know you won’t do it, but we do have to spell it out here.

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